Word travels fast in the art world and at the close of last June’s launch of Art Antiques London, it became  abundantly clear that the Haughtons had a roaring success on their hands. In a world of shrinking art fairs Art Antiques London has added a fantastic new group of internationally renowned exhibitors… each bringing extraordinary expertise, quality and style to the arena.

We welcome  Erik Thomsen Asian Art, New York, who specializes in Japanese screens and scrolls, early Japanese tea ceramics from the medieval through the Edo periods, masterpieces of ikebana bamboo baskets and gold lacquer objects.  A dealer since 1981, The Erik Thomsen Gallery, located in the Upper East Side of Manhattan, offers important Japanese paintings and works of art to museums and collectors worldwide. He specializes in Japanese screens and scrolls; in early Japanese tea ceramics from the medieval through the Edo periods; in masterpieces of ikebana bamboo baskets; and in gold lacquer objects. He further specializes in the internationally renowned works by the Japanese ceramic artist Sueharu Fukami.  Since 1994 Erik Thomsen has worked together with his wife, Cornelia, an artist.
Erik Thomsen, Cornelia Thomsen



Another superb international dealer joining the fair this year is Granocchia Fine Art from Cortina D’Ampezzo who will be bringing a selection of antique and signed  20th-century fine jewelry.



Also exhibiting is the wonderful Tai Gallery, one of the world’s finest dealer specialists featuring the art of traditional textiles and Japanese bamboo art.  Since 1978, owner Mary Hunt Kahlenberg and Robert T. Coffland have hosted this selective gallery which added the field of contemporary Japanese photography to its collections in 2006.



Esch Kunsthandel was founded in 1993 by Heinz Josef Esch in the city of Düsseldorf dealing with 18th-century works of art, as furniture and silver. In the last years the gallery especially focuses on European trompe-l´oeil-faiences, from which two catalogues were published. A collection of these collectible objects will be shown at this year´s fair.

Joseph and Potiphars woman 

Esch Kunsthandel

Butterfly- Painting, Joseph and Potiphars woman

ca. 1780, South Germany.  The only comparable fixé-sous-verre-painting is in the collection of the Kunstkammer of Schloss Ambras in Innsbruck, Austria.

Double snuff box with the theme of unanswered love 

Esch Kunsthandel

Double snuff box with the theme of unanswered love

ca. 1750, South Germany (Augsburg)


The world-class lecture programme at the International Ceramics Fair and Seminar is continued at Art Antiques London but has expanded to encompass non-ceramics topics…more in keeping with the breadth of the fair’s offerings. This year one of the great highlights is a lecture by DR EKATERINA KHMELNITSKAYA – Curator of Russian Porcelain, The State Hermitage Museum entitled


on Friday 10th June, 2.45pm – 3.45pm

The reign of Empress Elizabeth is one of the most brilliant pages in the history of artistic life in Russia. Elizabeth succeeded directly from her father Peter the Great, and ruled the country for 20 years. Without going into all the details of her contributions to the well being of her country, one can say that the Empress’ life, in all its diverse manifestations, was true art. Since her childhood the princess was brought up to become a Queen of France. She was trained in foreign languages, dance, courtly manners and how to entertain. She had the rare gift of never being boring in anything she did, beginning with her appearance. The Empress’ personal desire was to establish a porcelain manufactory in Russia, as every royal court which claimed to have originality and brilliance in the early 18th century also had a porcelain manufactory. The year 1744 marked an historic event in the Empress’ life – the establishment of The Imperial Porcelain Works. The manufactory’s first creations enormously pleased her Majesty and they became undisputed adornments both of her everyday life and during the grandiose festivities in the Winter Palace and in her favourite summer residence of Tsarskoe Selo. The most spectacular pieces of table decoration for the Russian Court were designed by Italian architect F.B. Rasstrelli during Elizabeth’s reign. Balls, dinners, masquerades, concerts and firework displays followed in an uninterrupted succession making the life of Elizabeth and the Russian Court an eternal festivity in which porcelain occupied the most prominent place. The lecture will entrance us with all aspects of this period in Elizabeth’s life.

Empress Elizabeth by Charles Van Loo

The Genesis of our Blog: Last October, The International Fine Art & Antique Dealers Show in New York was lucky to have Design Historian (and blogger) Emily Evans Eerdmans blog for us on the fair and the response was tremendous.  So many people enjoyed seeing what was happening at the fair, much of it behind the scenes.. Art and antique lovers checked in from far away places, like Chicago and Abu Dhabi!     Many couldn’t make it to New York themselves but loved having the opportunity to be part of the excitement, even vicariously.    The fun of a fair starts many months ahead  for us, when the adrenaline starts to pump and the individual elements fall into place piece by piece.   That is where we are now.

We are looking forward with great anticipation to Art Antiques London, our newest fair which will take place in Kensington Gardens from June 9-15, 2011 for it’s second year.   Art Antiques London incorporates the venerable International Ceramics Fair and Seminar, the Haughton’s first fair in London launched 30 years ago. The Ceramics Fair lives on within Art Antiques London and with it continues the vibrant and extraordinary lecture programme that is a major draw (a religious experience) for collectors and curators from around the world.     To see a glimpse of the Ceramics Fair, please click on

There is much to talk about this year as Art Antiques London ramps up for another run in the Park… from the Charity Preview to our divine lecture programme and Loan Exhibition.   Most importantly there are the dealers… passionate,  fascinating, obsessed and brilliant in their own way.   Each one has a mesmerizing story to tell.   So let  the games begin.